Bull with bulldog

And everybody knows

Dream that I am made of strata

Let me be your star

I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep…

One less bell to answer



Sacred cow


Eine gelbe Kuh

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon…

Wished on the moon

Calf and cow in stanchion

Eine gelbe Kuh

Beautiful music, dangerous rhythm

Planet earth is blue

It even makes you happy when you’re feelin’ blue

Mad cow

Dream of the sacrificed child, III

Dream of the sacrificed child, II

Dream of the sacrificed child, I

Rumination is both a psychological term for repetitive thinking and a description of the digestive process of ruminants. This series began with a dream of a calf at a crossroad. The works continue to explore the subconscious with stream of conscious lyrics. Words from songs by: Fred Astaire, Leonard Cohen, David Byrne, the Fifth Dimension, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Astrid Gilberto, Frank Sinatra and others, are written on the paintings and make up the painting titles.

Cows, bulls and calves share a long history with our culture. In Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond, he credits the dominance of European and Asian cultures, in part, to our relationship with these large domesticatble animals. We have molded these creatures to suit our needs and as a result they bear a strong imprint of the complexities of our culture. Golden calves, sacred cows, running bulls: their presence is deeply entwined with our imaginations.

This series was created with gouache and oil pastel on 110 lb cover weight Mohawk Loop paper, which is a recycled (25% cotton and 50% PCW), FSC-certified, acid-free, green seal certified, carbon neutral paper made with windpower. All paintings measure 8 x 10″ and are framed using acid-free mattes.

A Rumination catalog is available for purchase or perusal at Blurb.

Read Gabe Meline’s article from the North Bay Bohemian, Critic’s Choice: Ain’t No Bull, Kristen Throop’s Debut Show at Backstreet Gallery, May 8, 2013.