2020: Signs for Los Guilicos Village

The need for shelter is universal These 65 signs painted by Kristen Throop show dignity in small dwellings: an astronaut travels from the moon, Annie Taylor goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel, Patti Smith sleeps under the statue of Alice in Wonderland. The signs were painted for people without homes who were moving into … Read More

2014: Bear, part one — research

These images are selected from the four sketchbooks I filled during my research on black bears. There are quick sketches from the San Francisco Zoo, studies from the San Francisco Academy of Sciences, and detailed drawings of the skeleton and musculature of bears. This research prepared me for painting my 2014 show “Bear”. View the … Read More

2013: Rumination

Rumination is both a psychological term for repetitive thinking and a description of the digestive process of ruminants. This series began with a dream of a calf at a crossroad. The works continue to explore the subconscious with stream of conscious lyrics (earworms). Words from songs by: Fred Astaire, Leonard Cohen, David Byrne, the Fifth … Read More